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The Art of Being Selfish..Guilt Free!
Ladies Who Brunch Series

Often when coaching clients, I will ask “What do you an outcome; to have; to be; to do?” And more often than not, it stumps them. “Hmmm…I don’t know,” comes the answer. We’ve all been there. We feel stuck, or that something is off, or missing, but we haven’t taken the time to reflect on what we really want. We are busy, and we often prioritize what our children, family, work, team members, or community needs over our own needs.  We’ve stopped asking ourselves “what do I want?”.


Participants in the Vision Board Workshop last month took the opportunity to start asking themselves what it is that they want to start focusing on for themselves. We dug deep and explored the reasons why it is important to us and how we would feel to attain the items on our list.


Our next Ladies Who Brunch workshop will build on this theme and will help us explore ways to honour ourselves again. I hope you will join us this month for “The Art of Being Selfish..Guilt Free!”. It’s time to reconnect with our desires and reclaim our power.

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"Ranita's calm demeanour and openness really made me feel comfortable and it was so great meeting the other participants. It was surprisingly a very supportive group even though we just met. I can't wait to incorporate the tools shared into my life."

-Workshop Participant

In this workshop, we will: 


  • Learn techniques for self-care and self-compassion, as well as tools support our decision making towards what YOU really want

  • Identify boundaries that will help you to reconnect with your needs and desires

  • Reflect on what your individual self-care needs are, and practical ideas to incorporate daily habits

  • Explore the benefits of taking the time for your overall health and well-being and the impact it has on others

  • Learn something new about yourself in a fun, casual, supportive and positive environment


Calgary: March 5, 2023 10:00 a.m.– 11:30 a.m. MT

Location: Drug & Bean Killarney

Investment: $45 (materials and food included)


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