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Say It With Love! 
A Communication and Connection Workshop for Couples

It’s back!!! After 3 years, we’re finally holding this workshop again in person!


Are you and your significant other ready to take your communication game to the next level? Want to add some spark to your relationship and strengthen your connection? Then join us for our upcoming couple's communication workshop - where communication and fun collide!

In this workshop, you and your partner will participate in interactive and playful activities designed to improve your communication skills and deepen your connection. From learning how to actively listen to each other, to finding new ways to express your needs and handle conflicts, this workshop has it all.

"It was entertaining and it felt like a great date with my husband - I’d highly recommend the workshop for any stage in a couple’s relationship!”

-Previous Workshop Participant

This workshop is designed for couples of all stages, from those just starting their journey together to those looking to strengthen their long-term relationship. You will leave with a greater understanding of each other and the tools to navigate any future challenges.

Farouk Jiwa and I will guide you through a fun-filled journey of laughter and learning, ensuring that you leave with a newfound appreciation for each other and the tools to navigate any communication challenges. So why wait? Sign up now for an unforgettable experience that will bring you closer than ever!


Farouk (also an adult educator) and I have been together for over seven years. In this workshop, we openly share our own experiences through our first years together and after having our son. We continue to learn and grow through different phases of our life and actively use the techniques covered in this workshop to navigate the hills and valleys. We also love engaging with the participants who chose to share their wisdom and experience with us!


Why attend this workshop?


  • Enhanced understanding: By learning active listening techniques and effective ways to express your needs and work through conflicts

  • Strengthen your connection: Good communication is a key ingredient in any successful relationship and will strengthen your understanding of each other

  • Improve conflict resolution skills: Miscommunication and conflicts are a normal part of any relationship. This workshop can help you learn how to work through conflicts in a positive and constructive manner, improving your ability to resolve conflicts effectively.

  • Increased intimacy: Positive communication can lead to greater intimacy and a more satisfying relationship.

  • Fun experience: This workshop is fun and interactive, providing an opportunity for you and your partner to participate in playful and engaging activities while learning valuable communication skills.

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"Communication is the lifeline of any relationship"
-Elizabeth Bourgeret

What are previous participants saying?

“The couple’s communication workshop was an incredible experience. Ranita and her husband Farouk’s comical/satirical approach created a fun-loving environment yet left us enriched with information about how to have an even better relationship. It was entertaining and it felt like a great date with my husband - I’d highly recommend the workshop for any stage in a couple’s relationship!”

-Previous Workshop Participant


“My husband and I attended one of your workshops last year and we truly enjoyed the realness of the discussion. It allowed all of us to get to the core of the matter without blame and judgement. You provided the attendees to ask questions in a safe and respectful space. I would strongly encourage your workshops to all participants in any kind of relationship. The skills and knowledge taught were transferable to all ages and genders. I wish you more success in all your endeavours.”

-Previous Workshop Participant


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