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The Authentic Leader Program

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Lead your teams and organization feeling empowered and confident! This unique Leadership Coaching Program is designed to build self-reflective and scalable leaders who excel in diverse, unpredictable, and complex business environments. The curated in-session and online community, will facilitate participants’ learning through access to inspiring thought leaders, peer connection, leadership tools, resources and best practices. Accelerate your growth and prepare yourself for the next stage of your leadership within your organization. 

Course Outline and Schedule 

September 21, 2021: Introduction & Defining Leadership

After individual introductions and establishing ground-rules, the participants will explore various types and disciplines of leadership with the aim of identifying what leadership qualities they would like to strengthen. Participants will also align their role as leaders with organizational mandates.


September 28, 2021: Vision, Goals & Values

In this module, participants will identify their personal and organizational values, goals and how they align with their own life vision to re-ignite their passion as leaders of the organization. Awareness of their own self-image, strengths and opportunities will also be explored.


October 12, 2021: Emotional Intelligence

Participants will develop familiarity with the four dimensions of Emotional Intelligence and relate them to their personal and professional settings. They will improve their ability to articulate their views constructively thereby fostering a collaborative environment that will enhance their capacity for creating nurturing relationships with others.

Guest Presenter: Shamir Ladhani, President, Panther Power Corporation

October 26, 2021: Effective Communication

Participants will comprehensively understand their own communication style and the characteristics associated with it. They will create communication strategies to effectively connect with their stakeholders, teammates and prospects and will learn how to adapt their style to meet the needs of others, while still being an authentic communicator.


November 2, 2021: Foundations of Thriving Teams

Teamwork is essential to achieving great results in organizations and especially in non-profit organizations, which can often be lean in resources. Participants will learn the key elements of building strong teams and how to work harmoniously with stakeholders to meet organizational objectives.

Guest Presenter: Tanya Koshowski, Executive Director, Brown Bagging for Calgary's Kids 


November 16, 2021: Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Participants will explore how, as a leader, they can be a champion in fostering a culture of inclusion within their organization. They will assess their personal and organizational awareness of this topic and will identify the successful leadership strategies and practices that promote inclusion.

Guest Presenter: Anne-Marie Pham, Executive Director, Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion


November 23, 2021: Moving from Purpose to Action

Taking the learning from pervious modules, participants will develop personal and organizational action plans to help move them even further towards the vision and goals first identified in the beginning of the program.


December 7, 2021: Success Strategies - Keeping the Momentum Going

Learning to navigate and advance through ambiguity is a skill that every leader will need as change remains constant. Participants will explore the tools they require and can access as and when needed, even after the program has ended.


*Each module will be held through the zoom online platform.from 1 p.m.-4:30 p.m on the above dates. The lead facilitator and Executive Coach for each module is Ranita Charania.

Investment: $5,500  ($1,830 for Non-Profit leaders through the Canada - Alberta Job Grant.  Full details available on the Canada - Alberta Job website.)

Next Cohort: Sept 21 - Dec 7, 2021

Program: 12 Weeks Live Virtual Sessions; Tuesdays 1pm-4:30 pm MT


How Do The Leadership Programs Work?

  • Structured Learning: 8 classes (28 hours) of instruction on leadership topics most relevant for non-profit leaders
  • Coaching: 4 individual Executive Coaching sessions with an experienced and Certified Professional Coach to delve deep into specific areas of personal and organizational growth

  • Community: A cohort of other Executives and Leaders to help support you on this leadership journey
; a private online community with access to resources and collective wisdom of the group

  • A professional certificate of accomplishment to recognize the growth, learning and transformation you will achieve in this program (can be used towards grant applications)

How Do I Apply? 

Please click the button below to complete an application form to join a program. Deadline for application is September 15, 2021.


All the details required to request funding through the Canada - Alberta Jobs Grant will be provided once you apply. 

Limited number of spots available
Need more information? 

For any further information or questions regarding the program, email

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