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Vision Board Workshop 2024

Did you know Vision Boards can help you manifest your dreams? It’s true!


There is scientific research that that vision boards are in fact rooted in neuroscience. When you look at images, the brain processes the images and places a higher ‘value’ to them compared to a list of things to do. The more you look at your vision board, the greater the opportunity for your brain to prioritize the images and subconsciously move toward attaining them.

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Join me and other women in a fun workshop to create your own vision board to help propel your manifestations this year!

Why create a vision board? 

There are several benefits of creating a vision board:

  1. Clarity: A vision board can help you clarify your goals and aspirations, and make them more tangible and real.

  2. Focus: Seeing your goals visually in front of you can help you stay focused on what you want to achieve and how you'd like to feel in the process.

  3. Motivation: A vision board can serve as a daily reminder of what you are working towards, which can help keep you motivated and on track.

  4. Positive Affirmation: A vision board is a positive affirmation of the things you want to achieve in your life. It provides a visual representation of your aspirations and helps to align your thoughts and feelings with your goals.

  5. Helps with decision making: When you have a clear vision of what you want, it makes decision making easier as you know what you should or should not do to stay on track towards your goal.

  6. Creates a sense of accountability: When you have created a vision board, it's a way of saying that you are committed to your goals, it creates a sense of accountability towards achieving them.

  7. Increases creativity: The process of creating a vision board can help increase creativity and brainstorming skills as you come up with ideas and ways to achieve your goals.





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In this workshop, you will:


  • Have dedicated time and creative space to get clear on what you’d like to achieve and why

  • Understand why vision boards work, and learn best practices in creating your vision board for optimal results

  • Design your own personalized Vision Board that is meaningful to you; a reminder of what you’d like to manifest and how you’d like to feel in the process.

  • Gain tools for sharing your vision board with your partner and family and discuss what’s important to you

  • Laugh and have moments of clarity as you discover new things about yourself

  • Meet and connect with like-minded women working on their goals

  • Have fun, reflect, and be creative

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The beginning of the year is the best time to prioritize yourself by taking the time for your dreams and desires. What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

What can you expect?


  • A guided process of how to create a vision board that you can connect with each day

  • A safe, non-judgemental, fun, easy environment to be creative in

  • To leave the workshop with more clarity, motivation and feeling energized

  • A casual environment with other women taking some time for themselves to reflect and be creative


The Investment:


3 hour In-Person Session (Calgary) $59 (all materials, buttermilk waffles and Rosso coffee included)

3 hour online session over two days $49 (materials not included).



In-Person (Calgary)

January 28, 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Drug + Bean Killarney (17th Ave SW)


What are previous participants saying?

"In my coaching session, I added a dream of mine to my vision board at the beginning of 2022 and was able to make it happen! Despite the struggles the happiness from achieving my goal is still ineffable. Thank you for pushing me and giving me techniques to start this process"

S.N.J. Commodities Trader 


"Ranita provided us with the appropriate preparatory steps, including some simple pre-work instructions.  During our on-line session Ranita guided us through the various exercises and gave us appropriate time to cut out the pictures during the session.  We found her to be engaging and interactive which resulted in us all being excited, enthusiastic and collaborative."

S.A.S. Business Executive


"The workshop was thought provoking and filled with intentionality. The reflections from the workshop will make for a more connected, gratifying and fulfilling 2023!"

H.G. Physician


"Thank you for a very interesting workshop and exercises. I wasn’t sure about it first, but I think it was very valuable because I had to think about the next year and what I wanted to focus on for myself. It’s been a while since I’ve done that."

M.J. Dentist


"I particularly enjoyed the defined space and time to reflect on the upcoming year."

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