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Executive Coaching Programs

Designed for Executives and
Senior Leaders like you

Elevating your organization to become more impactful, efficient, and accountable requires leadership transformation.   

Maximize your leadership potential and impact. Learn from seasoned sector and thought leaders, connect with a community of like-minded peers, and accelerate results with personalized one-on-one coaching

What is Executive Coaching? 

Coaching is a collaborative deep explorative process fully personalized to your strengths, growth opportunities, and development goals. The qualities and skills that executives require to successfully lead organizations through change or uncertainty have become more important than ever. Lasting, impactful growth requires organizational transformation and therefore Leadership transformation. And transformation requires new ways of thinking, doing, and being.

Why Coaching Can Be An Effective Tool for Executive Leaders?

The goal with coaching is to focus on the actions and the results that you want to create by understanding where you are now and where you want to be. You’ll be supported with customized strategies relevant to you and your role.  One-on-One leadership coaching partners you with an experienced Executive Certified Coach (that’s me!) to help you overcome any barriers, on purpose, achieving more, and energized with creating even more impact.

What Will You Achieve? 

  • Greater self awareness and clarity of your values, unique leadership offering, strengths, and purpose.

  • Increased confidence to lead your organization towards a common vision, an aligned thriving culture and an engaged team.

  • A stronger ability to identify and overcome barriers to success and navigate uncertainty by adopting growth mindset principles.

  • An expanded repertoire of tools to support you in working through conflict, creative thinking and problem solving, building a strong team, and relating to others through emotional intelligence.

Interested and want to learn if Executive Coaching is right for you?

Learn how you can qualify for the Canada - Alberta Job Grant as a nonprofit leader

Ready to start your Leadership Program?

Non-Profit Executive Coaching Programs

Connect and learn from a community of experienced sector and thought leaders, achieve more with one-on-one coaching, gain new competencies with structured trainings. Take your leadership and organization to the next level with new clarity and renewed confidence.

The Authentic Leader Program

Colleagues Working Together

Lead your teams and organization feeling empowered and confident! This unique Leadership Coaching Program is designed to build self-reflective and scalable leaders who excel in diverse, unpredictable, and complex business environments. The curated in-session and online community, will facilitate participants’ learning through access to inspiring thought leaders, peer connection, leadership tools, resources and best practices. Accelerate your growth and prepare yourself for the next stage of your leadership within your organization.

Topics Explored: Effective Communication, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Four Dimensions of Emotional Intelligence, Building Strong Relationships, Moving From Purpose to Action.

Investment: $5,500  ($1,830 for Non-Profit leaders through the Canada - Alberta Job Grant.  Full details available on the Canada - Alberta Job website.)

Next Cohort: Sept 21 - Dec 7, 2021

Program: 12 Weeks Live Virtual Sessions; Tuesdays 1pm-4:30 pm MT

Masterful Leadership:
A Non-Profit Executive Coaching

In a Meeting

No other program offers Insights from Sector Leaders, a community of like-minded peers and personalized one-on-one coaching. Designed for Non-Profit Executive Directors and Chief Executive Officers like you, this program will question/challenge your thinking about how to lead so you can reconnect with who you are and redefine success in a new post-pandemic environment. But even more exciting is that this program also offers an Executive Coach to partner with you through your leadership journey, to help you excel personally and professionally.

Investment: $7,500  ($2,500 for Non-Profit Executives through the Canada - Alberta Job Grant.  Full details available on the Canada - Alberta Job website). 

Topics Explored: Building Resiliency, Effective Team Coaching and Organizational Culture; Personal Self-Awareness, Success Strategies & Motivation



Next Cohort: Sept 23 - Dec 9, 2021

Program: 12 Weeks Live Virtual Sessions; Thursdays 1pm-4:30 pm MT

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How Do The Leadership Programs Work?

  • Structured Learning: 8 classes (28 hours) of instruction on leadership topics most relevant for non-profit leaders
  • Coaching: 4 individual Executive Coaching sessions with an experienced and Certified Professional Coach to delve deep into specific areas of personal and organizational growth

  • Community: A cohort of other Executives and Leaders to help support you on this leadership journey
; a private online community with access to resources and collective wisdom of the group

  • A professional certificate of accomplishment to recognize the growth, learning and transformation you will achieve in this program (can be used towards grant applications)

How Do I Apply? 

Please click the button below to complete an application form to join a program. Deadline for application is September 15, 2021.


All the details required to request funding through the Canada - Alberta Jobs Grant will be provided once you apply. 

For any further information or questions regarding the program, email


Please note, a limited number of spots are available to maintain an intimate cohort experience.


An incredible team of experts and Executive Coaches will be delivering modules to ensure you have the latest research, tools, techniques and resources at your fingertips! Together we will guide you personally on your leadership journey, helping you to not only survive, but THRIVE! 

Anne-Marie Pham 

Executive Director, Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion 

Authentic Leader Program

Module: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 

Click on icons below for module description and Anne-Marie's Bio 


Ian Chisholm

Founding Partner, Roy Group

Masterful Leadership Program

Modules: Effective Coaching; Having Honest, Tough Conversations

Click on icons below for module description and Ian's Bio 


Iain Duncun

Practice Lead, Social Impact
Roy Group

Masterful Leadership Program

Modules: Effective Coaching; Having Honest, Tough Conversations

Click on icons below for module description and Iain's Bio 


Simone Brown 

Simone Brown Coaching Inc. 

 Authentic Leader Program

Module: The 8 Dimensions of Organizational Culture 

Click on icons below for module description and Simone's Bio 

Simone Brown .jpeg

Shamir Ladhani

Panther Power Corporation

Authentic Leader Program

Module: The Four Dimensions of Emotional Intelligence

Click on icons below for module description and Shamir's Bio 

Tanya Koshowski

Executive Director, Brown Bagging for Calgary's Kids

 Authentic Leader Program

Module: Foundations of Thriving Teams

Click on icons below for module description and Tanya's Bio 

Give yourself permission to take time for your personal and professional development Join Us! 


Ranita is our go-to coach and trainer for a number of areas including Volunteer Management, Developing Leaders, Diversity and Conflict Resolution. She has a natural talent in facilitation and leading people. This is evident by how she easily navigates and engages small and large groups with seamless transitions, clear instructions, and deeper dives into her experience and knowledge which serve to validate her credibility as a leader. She helps to raise the bar by intuitively sensing what is needed in the moment to meet the needs of her clients and group participants. I highly recommend Ranita to anyone looking to develop their team’s ability to communicate better, manage people more effectively and reflect on personal areas of growth to create the best versions of themselves. 

— ZJ, Manager, Calgary Non-profit Organization

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