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A study of Fortune 1000 companies, found that 48% of leaders that engaged a leadership coach exhibited an increase in work quality, a more engaged and productive workforce and greater effectiveness as a leader. Working with me as your Leadership Coach, you'll have a partner to help guide and support you through your leadership journey. By working with me, you can expect to feel more confident, empowered, productive and ready to take on new roles and responsibilities in your career. 

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These confidential one-on-one sessions are developed to focus on your success through a powerful and personalised guided process. Sessions are guided by what you want to focus on. As your coach, I will assist you to align with your core values, clarify your goals and targets, plan strategically and work to  address and overcome any internal barriers so that you can make your goals a reality.

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With over 20 years experience in training and development, I work with clients to provide customised training solutions for small and large audiences. Examples of workshops include Understanding Communication Styles, Managing Conflict Situations, and Relationship Building. Given my background in Adult Education, I am especially experienced in designing and delivering in-person as well as online training and webinars so that they are engaging, interactive and fun. 

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